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For the past 32 years, the people of Thunder Bay and the region have strongly supported the Fort William Rotary House Lottery and this support has provided over $5 million to local charities helping our Community.

Our recent focus has been support of the renewed Wilderness Discovery Handi-capable Centre with $140,000 donated to the Handicapped Action Group Inc. (HAGI) directed to this project.

With the incidence of heart and vascular disease prevalent in out region, a commitment of $500,000 has been made in support of the Cardiovascular Surgery program at the Regional Hospital.

Your continued support provides a stronger community for all of us!





Recipients of Past Lotteries


The Fort William Rotary Club has donated over $5 million of House Lottery proceeds to the following local and district charities:

  • Hagi in support of Wilderness Discovery Centre

  • Disaster Relief Fund

  • Thunder Bay Regional Hospital Foundation

  • Boys and Girls Club

  • Rotary Shelter House

  • St. Andrew's Dew Drop Inn

  • George Jeffrey Children's Centre

  • Heart and Stroke Foundation

  • Air Cadets Squadron #70

  • Toys for Tots Christmas Toys

  • Northern Medical School Bursary

  • Lakehead Search and Rescue

  • Easter Seals Summer Camp

  • Regional Food Distribution Association

  • Lakehead Music Festival

 And many others.

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